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Do you ever struggle with improving student test scores? Many educators like you have informed us of the need to not only adequately prepare their students for standardized tests but to also be able to easily track and transfer important student data over time.

We have improved our test prep platform and made it available and affordable for any size school. The test prep platform has already helped thousands of students increase their scores on state and national tests such as the ACT and SAT.  No matter where you live we have the test prep specifically designed for your state!

As you know, the best way to prepare for anything is practice, practice, and more practice; but there is just not enough time for teachers to keep up with and monitor everyone’s performance. With Top Scholar’s analytics, it is easier than ever before to track the performance of an entire classroom and quickly pinpoint the weaker performers for remediation.  This helps to ensure that at-risk students are quickly identified and that they are given the attention they need to succeed.

Teachers can pull from a robust database of pre-approved content or quickly load their own with ease. The easy to use dashboard is very intuitive and allows for instant implementation for any school no matter how tech savvy the teacher may be.

No matter how big your school is, you can now start using Top Scholar at an incredibly affordable price!

Also includes:

  • Test Prep platform with more than 20,000 educational books, videos and test prep questions for every state
  • Secure cloud based platform with a single login for teachers, parents, administrators and students
  • More intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Includes real time analytics at the student, class, school and system levels which allows for personalized learning
  • Provides immediate feedback to administrators, teachers, students and parents
  • Language translator allows users to change to any of 90 languages with a click of one button
  • Top Scholar history follows all transient students throughout their educational path
  • Premium support package
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