About Us

At Top Scholar, Inc. we are dedicated to education. Our team has over 100 years of collective education experience with K-12 students from all backgrounds and we are in constant communication with teachers and other education professionals all over the world.

Our mission is to ensure we provide the teachers with the tools they need to help their students achieve the highest levels of success. Our platform was first launched in Atlanta and it is now being used by students in all 50 states and other countries around the world.

While technology is becoming increasingly critical for student achievement and classroom success, Top Scholar is more than just a technology tool.  We build partnerships with principals and teachers to further empower them to help students achieve their highest potential by giving teachers our complete platform to easily enable them to manage their classes, assignments and tests, in addition to thousands of pre-loaded state-specific content and videos that allow them to focus on what they do best; teaching.  We understand that teachers are always busy and the more time that we can save them the better the education will be for the students.

We provide teachers with robust analytics, so educators are able to pinpoint the weaker students and help them in the areas they are struggling in. Top Scholar is transforming education in the classroom by partnering with schools, teachers and parents to ensure that every student becomes the best and brightest they can be.  Learn more about all the great services we offer!

Our goal is to facilitate the education of millions of students around the globe. Contact us, we would love to show you how Top Scholar’s K-12 educational platform can help your students and teachers!